Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Happy Package from United States

Today, I received a package from US that I really have been waiting for. As you can see, The Twilight Saga dominates about 45% of my blog. Yes! You guest it right. The package is full of twilight merchandise. But no...not all are mine. :). Some of Twilighters Malaysia members order together so that we can enjoy lower shipment after we divide it amongst those who ordered.

I am so thankful to have a friend is US (Katie Dirga) who is willing to help me acquire some of the merchandise that they don't send to Malaysia. Especially those limited edition and also from ebay. So, what did I get for myself? A Cullen Crest Hoodie (and a matching one for hubward, of course!), Eclipse Bella & Edward water bottle, Cullen Crest T-shirt (for hubward), Eclipse Deluxe Edition Soundtrack and Eclipse Team Edward Pin Set. And the best thing is, Katie put some extra stuff for me as a gift. Actually, a Team Edward Eclipse tee, Team Edward Eclipse Bandage (this is cute), New Moon trading cards and Volturi Lip gloss are from her and Edward bookmark from her friend Shari. Thank you girls!! Love yah!! :D

All the merchandise I receive today
Cullen Crest Hoodie and Team Edward Eclipse Tee
Cullen Crest T-Shirt for my hubward :D

All these merchandise will be added to my existing collection of twilight stuff that I own. ahahah...yeah...I have damn a lot. ;). Tomorrow, I'm gonna pack other merchandise to be sent out.

Note: Hubward is what we twimoms call our hubby..:P, I'm a twimom just by age, not that I have any children, yet.

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