Thursday, August 26, 2010

Good Philosophy

This afternoon, I got an email from my ex-boss (yeah...he's a cool guy and always forward me some cool emails). Somehow, I love this one email with good philosophy (quote) and a particular one really grab my attention.

Somehow I think the philosophy is so true :). When you start making someone else as a priority and not yourself, you start living for them and not yourself. So, if you are doing this, STOP!! Live your life to the fullest first....before you start living for others. Make decisions that will benefit you without taking into account others. I know it may seem selfish....but need to.

But then again, that's just me. Different people might have different perspective. :)


Manja M said...

Thanks for sharing this... I had to learn it the hard way though.... :)

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

Yeah...I was almost there...but now learning to put me first! ;)

Sidu said...

I so agree with this.. i often see my friends do that with their spouses and then they get frustrated and clueless as to what they did wrong... a lot of unnecessary anguish , i say

Azlina Ilzdaf Cullen Pattinson said...

Sidu, yeap..true! Thank you for visiting and commenting :)