Thursday, October 21, 2010

Meeting, Meeting and More Meetings

On 1st October 2010, my company officially gets a new general manager. That is after he had been hovering in the office 2 weeks prior to the official election date. All of us were never at ease as this guy is all about me, me and me. And he is talkative..not in a good way of course. He was supposed to observe and learn the company operation during his two weeks of hovering but instead of trying to learn, he is trying change almost everything. My direct reporting manager, the operation manager is up to the neck with the new guy. Luckily, up until today he can still survive.

Did I mention this new GM is an ex-navy? yes, how unfortunate is that? Although he said that he wants everyone opinion, but honestly, during a 30 minutes discussion, our opinion was only discussed for 5 minutes, and the rest of the time....yes, you guessed it right, he was the one who is talking. :P. Totally like military style. No opinion, just do what I say.

Honestly, I love working at my current new company although the pay is slightly lower than I get before this. But now, I am starting to feel the pressure. Almost every day, we will have to hear him talk a meeting and discussion and most of the time, it came back to the same conclusion. Seriously, I feel like vomiting each time the word meeting comes into mind. blueeekkkk!!!! I did literally vomit today, after work.

Last few days have been hectic, because I was in Kota Bahru for 3 days last week and when I came back, I can't even see my table top. It is full with documents I need to verify and sign. Not to mention, our ISO audit is next week and as the person in charge of a newly set up procurement department, there is a lot of paperwork need to be done especially on SOP. While I was doing this, I have lost count as to how many meetings I have to attend, and some actually doesn't even concern my department. I was there wasting my time, when I should be at my cubicle signing of lots of purchase request and payment release. One time, I even brought a whole bunch of documents into the meeting to be signed off. Why? Because I know, 95% of the things he needs to say, I have heard it before.

Today, I have no mood to work at all, but I still did my job slowly. Took the time as I please. Thank God tomorrow is Friday. But on Monday, I will have to join his health and safety environment meeting. OMG!! What does that has to do with procurement?? I am not in workshop operation!!!!

Please God...I miss my old GM. :(

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