Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The One Day Holiday - Malaysia 53rd Independance Day!!

So, what did you guys do for your one day holiday? Did you all go for raya shopping? OMG!! KL is so pack! No...I didn't go shopping for raya. Well, my clothing are all ready and will only buy raya biscuits literally like one day before raya. uhuhuhu. Maybe when I have kids....I might have a lot more to shop for.

What did I do? The eve of Independance day, my hubby and I went strolling around KL on his motorbike. (who would insanely go on a stroll around KL in a car on the eve of Independance day?). Before that, we stopped at Chidas, Taman Tun to hang out with my TTDI clan just to catch up. It seems like ages since I've seen and chat stupid things with them. :P. Around 1.30am we left and head to KL. I guess that's the perks of not having children yet. uhuk.

Since it was Ramadhan, the celebration was a bit mellow, I guess. There were no fireworks or concert but there were sure a lot of people in Dataran Merdeka (Independance Field/Area - that's the best translation I can come up with). Not sure what they were doing there of course.....maybe Dataran Merdeka  seems the right place to be on an Independance Day celebration. We reach there around 1.45am and still there were so many people gathering around the area and the road is OMG so jammed and packed. There was a group of people (not sure what they were doing) that attracts so many people just stopping there looking at them. Hubby stopped, but when we discover that there's nothing to see, he stroll off and just ride around Jalan TAR. Again, massive traffic and bazaar ramadhan/aidilfitri was still open with lots of people hovering around it. We didn't stop of course. Both me and hubby don't really like to thrive through crowds unless we really really really have no choice.

So, at around 2.00am, we start our journey back home and arrived home at around 2.25am. It was such a hard thing to wake up again at 4.30am for sahur and hubby nearly missed it. :P Not my fault since I've tried to wake him up like a million times. ahahahah....

For that day, I had a break fast gathering with my old Banting friends. That's another whole story. know, when you didn't see your friends for like 6-8 years and now they are with their family with kids running around here and there. LOL...I went alone my friend Farah (who went alone too, coz we think our hubby will be bored to death to hang around with us and friends they don't have history with). All in all, it was nice to see them again. Most of them didn't change much :)

And today, I am back at work as usual and writing my blog working like my normal day routine. ;)

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