Wednesday, November 3, 2010

First Time Lasagna Maker

My beloved friend, Carol bought me an oven for my wedding. Why? Well, because she knows that I love to cook. Unfortunately, I didn't use it much earlier because I was living in an apartment with such a small kitchen. So, I was not really in the mood for any culinary experiment. Although, I did use it to make a homemade 'Chicken Fold-Over' since McDonald decided to stop selling it and few other recipes. I even baked a cake once.

Few months back, I bought lasagna layers when hubward asked me to make a homemade lasagna. The truth is, I have never make a lasagna before but I love a culinary challenge. :). So far, the result has never been disappointing. However, I didn't actually make one until last Monday. Yeah....that long, right? I've been looking at the instant lasagna layers box each time I open the kitchen cabinet where I put all food stock. Since we went shopping for household needs last Sunday, I bought all the ingredients I need to make a lasagna.

By following the recipe guide behind the lasagna layers box, I start making my first ever homemade lasagna. I did call my other beloved friend, Maryati who is an expert in making lasagna for some guidance. Especially on how to actually place the lasagna layers. Should I soak it in water first or can I just lay it in? Here is a good tips. If the lasagna layers are instants layers (you can see "instant" label on the box), you can just put them in provided that your meat sauce is juicy enough to soften it up. But if they are not the instant one, you might want to wipe or dip it in water. Just a fast as one second dip to wet it up.

It took me about 45 minutes to prepare the meat and cheese sauce and then to put the layers into place before shoving it into the oven. The result? Although, the outer appearance is not appealing, the taste was quite good but I might have put in too much cheese. ahahaha....we survived and no one got food poisoning or what not.  Hey people always say, the appearance doesn't matter, it's what inside that counts. LOL. As a first timer, I would give myself 7/10 marks. :P

My first not so pretty homemade lasagna. LMAO!
This is the second bowl, hubby ate the first one. Didn't manage to take picture. :P

Since I got the recipe from a box, I don't think I'm gonna share it here. that I have done one, the second time should better because I would know how to estimate all the ingredients and maybe add other things in to make it mine. ;)

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