Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Stress is Raining on Me

A couple of days ago I have wrote about my new GM. I started work at the new company 4 months ago and everything was pretty okay. Considering I am new and still learning the whole procurement thing. I never had any experience in procurement before but I basically know the whole business process. The company didn't exactly have a procurement department before I joined and it was under the care of admin department. So I am basically taking over a new department and responsible of the whole standard operating procedure and ensuring all documents are in place. hmmm....for an executive, that's kind of big. :(

So, I officially took over everything starting 1st October 2010 and it was hectic. Almost everyday I have a high stack of documents for me to verify and sign. That didn't bother me that much. What's bothering me is actually my new GM adding new task without even consulting me first. Just simply giving orders and new task and giving datelines just like a commander in a military. Bullshit!!

These two weeks have been hectic due to ISO audit which will commence this Thursday and I have my hands full with my daily task plus settling things for ISO. Last week, the guy called me to his room and told me that he wants me to draft a document tender contract. Previously, the company has never done it and I have no sample to refer to so I had to do some research. The thing that piss me off is, I just got the dateline from him and it is this Thursday. Is the guy crazy??!! Thursday is ISO audit day and between 21st to 28th there are only 5 working days. How can I come up with a draft within that period with other task in hand. Did he think document tender is just a piece of paper with a couple of paragraph in them? This guy never think huh? Oh..I forgot. He did think. He thinks everything is easy because he is not the one who has to do it. He ask someone else to do it. It didn't end there, just as I was packing to go home, I received a new task email wanting me to do service/parts price analysis due on 7th November 2010. Another bullshit!!

Seriously, all of us at the office missed our former GM. Just why the hell did the higher management needs to change GM when he was only there just for a year and he was doing so well. And now we are stuck with this Commander in charge. aaarrrghhhhhhh!! I am starting to feel the stress and it keeps raining on my day by day. I just hope it won't flood.

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