Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Just Another Day

I know I said that my next post might be about my 3rd year anniversary trip to Bali, but not feeling like it. So, today started as any other normal day in my life. It's basically just a boring routine. Gosh! I need to do something to break this boredom. Seriously! I wish I can just skip work just like I skipped classes during my school and university days. ahahaha.....those days were awesome! hmmm....I missed those carefree and nothing to worry days.

How did I get to where I am now? Sometimes, I wished I would make a better decision in my life. But what the heck..I'm gonna be 30 this it would be too late to change it, I just have to live with it and hope to make better decision in the future :P. So, as usual...I was still "asleep" when I reach my office and I did my task as usual while yawning once in awhile.

The only thing different is, my dad got back from umrah today and I am supposed to meet him. I missed him during his departure to Mekkah because I actually forgot that he's flying that day. I got a call from my brother at around 11.00pm saying my dad is at the airport and he is with him. hmmm....since it's a weekday, I opt not to go because it was already late. However, even today I didn't get the chance to meet him because he's boarding at 6.40pm flight back to Terengganu and I got home at 5.00pm. So between then and waiting for my hubby to get home, it was too late to drive to KLIA. I miss him actually. Not sure how long have I not seen him in person.

Nevertheless, I thank God for the modern technology that we have nowadays. I made a video call to my dad and get to see him. He was cute with his incomplete row of teeth (I know it might sound cheeky...but he was cute).... ahahahaha....and he laughs when I wave goodbye to him. ahahaha....once in a while I would chat with him via skype and other chat channel that he has. :)) Technology does bring things closer than it looks, doesn't it?

Sometimes, I wonder....if my dad didn't get married another one and my parents didn't get a divorced, how would my life turn out to be? One thing for sure, I might not meet my beloved hubward (that's what we twihards call our husband..LOL). So, things happen for a reason and Allah have a funny way of putting everything in place.

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