Monday, October 4, 2010

What A Hectic Week

WARNING! This will be a looooong post! ahahahahah

Monday to Wednesday
This week has got to be the most hectic and tiring week ever! all started last week when the headquarters of my company decides to organized an Aidilfitri open house for its staff and ask each subsidiary to send representative to do a performance. On last Thursday (two weeks back), my office had a pot luck Aidilfitri gathering at the office and we talked about the performance and one of the girl, Nonie suggested that we do poco-poco dance using any aidilfitri song. And what do you know, our general manager liked the idea and asked us to proceed with it.

As excited as I was to do it, we really don't have much time to practice and we don't even have a routine yet. Nonie does have the only one basic poco-poco dance routine but dancing that all the way for 3 minutes would have been boring for the audience. That Thursday, we did agree on a song we will be dancing to. Bunga Api Di Hati (Fireworks in the Heart) by Stacy, Shila, Fara Fauzana & Leya.

We manage to get the basic routine steps on Friday evening just before we are going back from work. So on Saturday, I browse through Youtube to find if there's any video teaching poco-poco dance. Luckily there is a 1 to 6 video for us to learn from. Hubward even suggested a few other songs to dance to. I love that he always give me ideas and get involve in things. On Monday, Nonie and me tried a couple of steps that can be collaborated with the song that we have chosen and finally....we got the whole routine done! I was so happy. Now the team who consist of 6 girls or should I say ladies (me, Nonie, Nuha, Diana, Ezaura and Maz) can learn and practice the routine. We only have Monday to practice as the rehearsal was on Tuesday and the actual show was on Wednesday.

We got to work that Monday until we get all the steps and by around 5.00pm but there was one set back. One person is missing and she is on emergency leave! Maz!!! This is an emergency too!!!!!! But at least the other 5 of us got the routine. The next day, we started early to practice and this time the team is complete with Maz. However, we got another news, Nonie won't be able to join us as she has already book a trip to Bandung with a group of friends. At first, she thought of not going because of the "situation" but when everything checked out to be ok, she decide to proceed with the vacation. Our practice with Maz ended at around 12.00noon but her steps was still everywhere. LOL. but we can't continue as we have to go for the rehearsal at 1.00pm in Equatorial Hotel. We made a move at around 12.15pm. The rehearsal was not quite organized properly but we manage to reherse a few times. We got back to the office at around 4.30pm and continued with our practice and this time our general manager (former) En Remy was there to criticise us. was embarrassing and funny at the same time.

This is our rehearsal video. ahahahaha

At last, it's Wednesday and we will be performing at around 3.00pm. To make it even more nerve wrecking, we are the last and closing performance. OMG!!! we had to add a bang to the performance. Well, at least we tried to pop some party popper and it didn't pop...:P. But as a beginner who trained for only 2 full days, our performance can be proud of. ahahahahah...ouh and I ate a lot at the event too...from fried bihun and nasi tomato, right to lemang and satay. uhuhuhu

Picture taken just before performing
From left: Diana, me, Ezaura, Nuha and Maz

I thought of taking MC on this day, but I have a guest from Italy to discuss on our business and we will be in the meeting room the whole day. When I say the whole day...I meant the whole day. And there were lots of food too. I think, everyday...I am getting fatter since I started working at this new workplace. And after a whole day in the meeting room, I bought them to seafood dinner at Taman Cahaya. That's the positive side of it, I got to eat nice for the day.

It was a bit relax but I had to go out to run some company errands and in between the morning and after Friday prayer, I had the time to take an hour nap in the car at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. That's was so what I needed. I has been a tiring and hectic week for me.

Saturday and Sunday
These two days was just a normal day for me. Went to Star Hill for a facial appointment and later to an open house. It was raining quite heavily for these two days, so mostly, we stayed at home and sleep. uhuhuhu....need to recharge. :P

So, there you go. My longest blog post ever. ;)

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