Friday, September 3, 2010

Special Request Break Fast Menu - Chicken Stew

Two days ago, as we were going to sleep, hubward and I started to talk about food. Yeah..I know. It's kind of funny to talk about food as you are going to sleep. hehehe. And as we were talking, suddenly hubward said he wants to eat chicken stew.'s been awhile since I cooked stew coz normally I only cook it on certain occasions. :)

So, as requested I cooked Chicken Stew for break fast meal for hubward. For those who have never tasted chicken stew before, it is delicious to be eaten with bread. Toasted bread is even better. uuu...yummy!! I know my beloved friends Bani and Diyana loves my chicken stew. :D

The recipe was given by my mom to me and I have passed the recipe to few others as my mom did too. But somehow, not everyone quite manage to get the best taste result. Not sure why though. So, here is the recipe if you are interested to try it at home. However, since I learn my spices and recipe in Bahasa Melayu, I'm not quite sure what they are called in English and will list down most of the ingredients in Bahasa Melayu. To those who know the translation please do give your translation in the comment box. I want to know also. :)

CHICKEN STEW (For two person)

Cooking oil
Black Pepper powder
10 x Red onions (Bawang Merah) and  4 x garlic (Bawang Putih) - Blend
A pinch of nutmeg (Buah pala)
cinnamon stick (Kulit Kayu Manis) x 1
Cardamom Pod (Buah Pelaga) x 3
Cloves (Cengkih) x 5
Star Anise (Bunga Lawang) x 1.5
Corn Starch (Tepung Jagung) - need to estimate yourself based on how much is your sauce
Ketchup (Tomata Sauce)
Salted Light Soy Sauce (Kicap)
Potato (Kentang) - cut into blocks
Carrot - cut into blocks
Chives (Daun Bawang) - cut into small fine cuts
Chervil (Daun Sup) - cut into small fine cuts
Chicken (4 pcs/cuts) - u can add more if you want
Tomato x 1

Heat you pot and then put some cooking oil and butter. When they are hot enough, put in a pinch of nutmeg (Buah pala), cinnamon stick (Kulit Kayu Manis), Cardamom Pod  (Buah Pelaga), Cloves (Cengkih) and Star Anise (Bunga Lawang) and later blended red onions and garlic. 

Let it simmer until you can smell the aroma and then at the black pepper (as you feel like it) and some water. Let it cook for awhile. Then, add in more water + corn starch (as much as you like) + ketchup + light soy sauce. After that, put in the carrot and potato. After awhile, put in the chicken and macaroni. you may add some salt if you want. You might want to add chives and chervil from time to time to add flavour.

Finally, after it's cooked, you may add the balance of the chives and chervil and also tomato.

** It is advisable for you to mix the corn starch with water first rather than just adding it into the hot sauce/soup.



umirenfro said...

Star anise is bunga lawang, clove is cengkih & cardamom pod is buah pelaga :-) your recipe does sounds nice :-)

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

Umirenfro - thank you! I will amend :)