Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Okay!! No More Hopes Up!!!

I am done!!! I am done trying and putting hopes up. People say it will come when you've given up trying....and it comes when u less expect it. Good then. You might be wondering what the hell am I talking about. I'm talking about my project baby junior. Each time I've tried to not to put too much hope.....but still...I can't help myself. But now I've decide to give up. Yes!!! I give up!!

I am now focusing on the benefit of not having one. I have an aunt who's married for 9 years now...and doesn't have one. She seems happy..and free as a bird. I mean she can travel with her hubby without worrying about anything else part then themselves...and for sure there will be less one mouth to feed. So there you go! I give up!!

Now....I am just gonna have routine sex (wahahahahaha)...without having to make my leg numb for putting it up for 20 minutes after or waking up having sour back and backpain for putting pillow under my hips/butt all night after it.

I am gonna enjoy this "honeymoon time" a while longer. ;)

P/S: Those who've been waiting for the good news....well guess what....there won't be any for quite sometimes...until it decide to come by itself. :P


erin said...

hi gurl.. byk2 bsabar ye.. Tuhan itu Maha Adil.. mayb blum smpai msnya bcoz ada yg blum cukup lengkap.. meaning - finance (maybe) or benda2 lain.. Allah tu kan Maha Mengetahui.. I pun kena tunngu 1 1/2 years br conceived.. I pun same kes mcm u - retroverted uterus. I tried "CLOMID".. ob/gyn u xde recommendkan ke? Cuba tanya kt die.. All the best, ya..

iena amoi said...

Hi there Erin,

Thank you ;). CLOMID? No my ob/gyn did not recommend me that? Is that a medicine?

Nway, thanks again.

Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

emm..emm...nanti dapat la tu, banyak bersabaq!
Uuuu...uuu..ngeri jugak la kalo sampai camtu... =P kepeh kepeh

erin said...

yeah.. its a type of fertility drug.. totally safe, but has to be prescribed.. try mintak kt ur doc. i dpt amik for 1 cycle, terus lekat, alhamdulillah.. can google it up, too.. 'clomid' nama commercialnya.. nama scientific - clomiphene citrate rsnya.. try la! ramai yg i tau try clomid dpt conceive

iena amoi said...

Oh..that ob/gyn did gave me those for my first cycle after I met him. I guess it didn't work. Maybe there's something wrong with me. :(

erin said...

dun give up!! keep tryin, ya.. mmg ada separuh org kena amik for a couple of cycles.. bg btul2 fertile, btul2 'ripe'.. hehe.. i'll pray for you!

iena amoi said...

ahahahaha...ok ok. tq tq. Still trying but just not putting that much hope on it. ;)

Diyanazman said...

ya betul!!
sekali2 jangan stress!!
enjoy life no matter what! all the best to u! hugs!

iena amoi said...

yeap.....kita enjoy dulu!! ahahahahah

MrsLavendula said...

hi, i came across your blog because of the photo you posted regarding retroverted uterus.
ive been married for almost 2 years also and have not conceived either. i just got home from the OB and she said that i had a retroverted uterus. other than that i seem to be normal so we're still hoping.
lets not lose hope!