Friday, May 22, 2009

I am one HOT Pregnant Lady

Yeah...yeah...i know..i know...once you read the entry title...some of you might want to vomit blood...and think that I am one self-absorb person. ahahahahah....well, now i know why some men thinks that pregnant women are sexy and hot. I mean...with bigger breast and plummer solid butt...who doesn't?? eheheheh

Cool down guys....when I said I am one HOT pregnant lady....I literally meant hot! As in under the sun hot!! It has never been a moment where I left a place without cool air...that I wouldn't sweat. Still thinks that's sexy?? Yish...try being pregnant guys. uhuhuhu.

Fortunately, this heat of pregnancy is also shared by my beloved hubby. And thank God, most of the "pembawakan" of being pregnant is being dealt by him and not me. He is the one who has been having bad headache and back pain. All I do is eat, eat and eat.....and sleeps. He sleeps also. It seems that it is easy to dooze off these days. I think I am gonna be a gundu soon (wanna know what gundu is? Ask my sis Diyana or her friend Bani)...uhuhuhu

Although I haven't gain that much weight...only about 2-3kg...but most of it goes to my face. Yes!! My face....uuuurrrghhhhh!! Why must my face? that is the first thing other people will see...and when they see me....OMG!! they'll absolutely think I'm fat. Although...the enhancement of the breast and butt are most welcome. ahahahah.

The only downside is....I need to find new pants. I can't fit into mine anymore. I know...just 2 months pregnant...and already I can't fit into my pants??? I still can fit into them...but I'm just not comfortable. well....if you know know how skinny i was before this...i guess my body is getting ready for the occassion. I hope I won't be as big as baby elephant...and if I do...OMG!!!! I will have to hit the gym.....5 hrs a day after this. uhuhuhu

What ever it are making mommy fat....but mommy still love you. Later, when you are born...please make sure you are an active I can chase you around until I'm skinny again. ehehehehehehe


Norazirawati said...

ina...aku jeles ko tak de symptom2 lain.. aku teruk giler beb.. hypervomitng...teruk giler sampai duk hosptal 10 days..tak leh mkn minum coz muntah je.. so masuk drips almost 50 btls... sampai turun 4kg.. sekrg ni aku still mc.. n still muntah dan muntah dan muntah.. uwaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!

Diyanazman said...

hahahahha!!! kak iena!! aku ingin bertemu dengan mu!!!

eehehehe... anak lelaki kot? sebab muka sembab ye??? selalu kalau org ngandung anak boy ni muka maknye jadi sembab hidung jadi besar. heheheh...

selamat mencari aircon!!

iena amoi said...

Zira...jgn jeles dulu. I've been bleeding these few days and I've been on bed fate is gonna be known this saturday. U take care ok.