Thursday, February 12, 2009

25 Random Things About Me...hmmmmm :P

I got tagged in Facebook. So decided to post it here as well :D
Thanks Mar for tagging me...uhuhuhu :P

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.

1. I am happily married with my 12 years lover. Thank God for that.

2. Am trying to produce juniors....ahahahahah

3. I am hyperactive and can get bore easily...and suffer from Insomnia too.

4. I have a condition call "Retroverted Uterus" so have to work twice as hard than women with normal condition.

5. I don't eat spicy food. My mom says that I'm more chinese than chinese. eheheh

6. I plan to buy a house by end of this....yeah...haven't bought one of my own yet.

7. I love cats but am allergic to them coz of my athma and sinus condition. sigh..

8. Would love to have a dog as a pet...but then it is quite leceh for a muslim to pet one. uhuk

9. It took me 9 years to gain weight from 38kg to 41-42kg.

10. Plan to retire by the age of 35. Still figuring out on how to achieve that.

11. Love to cook and experiment for new recipes.

12. I love sports and outdoor activities e.g. netball, badminton, ATV, hiking, jungle tracking, camping etc.

13. I am sort of a handyman at my mom's house. Fixed the toilet and sink, change the bulb and starter, fixed the iron.

14. I am a very indepedent girl or is it women already? ahahahah

15. I always like to plan ahead in everything that I do..including which route to take everytime I travel.

16. I love to watch cartoons and switch from learning package to disney package...ahahaha

17. I always try to be happy at any time. Altough there are lots of things in my mind.

18. I am quite particular in cleanliness and how things should put and arranged in my house. Kinda OCD...;)

19. I am the eldest yet the smallest in my family.

20. I can still wear my clothes when I was in primary school and hope to maintain that even after I gave birth to few children.

21. I love to dance and wish to be a dancer....but I don't think it would be a good career here in Malaysia. uhuhuhuhu

22. I love to act in a teater if given the chance.

23. I am half Chinese but cannot speak the language...and I think that's a huge lost for me.

24. I have two step moms and 6 other siblings with them....uhuhuhu

25. I like to drive fast and hates "turtle" on the road!!!


Abg Bani said...

2. Am trying to produce juniors....ahahahahah- keep on berusaha. u guys will produce good looking babies. but please do remember, do not make them to call me uncle bani hahahahahahaha

iena amoi said...

eheheheh...mmg tgh berusaha keras nih. uhuhuhu. Good looking babies?? insyaallah..:D. tp tang uncle bani tuh aku tak berani janji...wahahahahaha

Diyanazman said...

kak iena, saye juga mengtag anda tetapi 16 perkara sahaja... sila buat all over again... tiada maaf bagimu!

kakiena sila masak stew anda yg sedap itu boleh?

iena amoi said...

Huh? 16 perkara? Perkara pe? konfius makcik. Awat plak tiada maaf bagi ku??

Stew? Awat hang nak dtg mkn kaaa??