Friday, February 6, 2009

Retro..... What???!!

It has been almost two years since I got married and we've been trying to get pregnant since middle of last year...but with no luck. So...I ask my hubby to accompany me to see a gynea. Just to get more knowledge on how to prepare for pregnancy and preliminary check up. I mean with today's' can never know.

So...after a few months of asking him....finally he caved in and we when to the gynea last month. It was a relief to know that everything is in good condition. No ceast or Fibroid. I was afraid of these two things. But there was something else.....I have a condition called RETROVERTED UTERUS....or in simple word my uterus is tipped to the back (pelvic)...or in malay..."rahim terbalik".

Ok.....I know it sounds scary when you read this....but I got to know that 1 out of 5 women were born with the condition....but I think as for me maybe because I was too active before and fell on my butt too many times already. So according to the gynea 20% of women in this world have the condition and it doesn't effect fertility. It's just that it might be a bit hard for us to conceive rather than women with normal uterus. The gynea suggested us to try different positions to increase our chances. we have to get creative. However, the gynea suggested a second visit if there is no success after 3 months for further test. OMG!!! I hope I don't have to go through that one. This is our first trial after seeing the gynea. The result will be in on 10th of February....eheheheh

I also got to learn how to predict my most fertile week and ovulation date...after consulting the gynea. All this while I got my info from my girlfrens....which some of them gave almost accurate info :D. But now.....I am relief to know everything that I need to know. So PROJECT BABY JUNIOR is officially launched!! ;)

I strongly suggest those who've been trying to get pregnant without success to see a gynea. Coz he/she can really help you to understand more. At least get a preliminary check that you know everything is okay. And if it's can find ways to cure it at early stage.


yuyeen said...

go ina..go....

di doakan moga cepat2 dapat junior...hihihih

iena amoi said...

Yes Kak Zurin!!! chayouk!! chayouk!!!

Nizam Abdul Rahim said... tak boleh tgk ini!! Uuuu...Uu..aim sorii =P

iena amoi said...

Nize...awat hang "gayat" kaaa??? uhuhuhu

Diyanazman said...

selamat maju jaya... sila update progress secepat mungkin..

sila juga update mengenai kereta pancit itu!