Thursday, February 5, 2009

Damn U!!! I'll Kill When I Find U!!!

Thank God I have this blog to express my joy, pain and anger. Fuh!!!!

I've been living in my neighbourhood 6 years now, since I graduated. Since then, there have been so many types of people living here. I also have a neighbour that voluntarily wake me up with her loud screaming at her boy everyday at the exact time (wish I could strangle her each time she does that!!!). And since early last year...I also got a new next door neighbour who voluntarily smoked my house with their lovely smokes that smells like shit!! (this time I felt like burning their house down)...lucky my hubby went to give them a word or two.

These two things I still can tolerate...although everyday I hate them more and more. But when it comes to my beloved CLK 660 Smurfy....I really cannot tahan already. Few years back...somebody stole one of my front windshield wiper...and it was newly changed. I had to spent to buy a new pair. It really pissed me off!!! However, the latest event that occur really sets me off....until I felt killing the bloody bastard who did this!!! FYI, this is the first time I felt killing anyone. The other nite, my hubby and I went out to Sunway to for his weekly futsal game, so we came back late...around 3am. Since the number of cars in the apartment area have naturally there was not enough parking. We managed to find a spot that we KNOW for a fact won't disturb anyone and since we plan to go out quite early that Sunday, we decide to park there.

The next morning, it came to our astonishing surprise to see two of our tyres were flattened. The front wheel were totally out of air and we couldn't move the car while the back wheel was half empty. So, after few phone calls to workshops, my hubby decide to buy the small pump just to pump the tyres so that we can move and pump more air at the petrol station. Thank God it works.

Wait....the story doesn't end there. So at the petrol station, we managed to pump the front wheel but not the back wheel, so we went to a workshop to get pump it. Okay.....this is the time where I really felt like really search for the bloody bastard for a revenge and killing him after that. We got to know that the bastard poked the tyres and we cannot repair the damage. It's either we change the tyres completely or we use tube. &^%#!*&^#(!. I've just change the few months back and new tyres gonna cost me a lot. So my hubby decide to just use tubes. Wait....there's more......while putting the tubes in.....we found out that...the other back wheel was also punctured in the same manner. My gosh!!!! 3 tyres????? As I was going trough this mad situation, I remember that a fren of mine had all of their tyres puncture in front of their I know how you feel D.

OMG!!!! I really can't wait to move out of this area. Still collecting money for the deposit. I can't take it anymore to live around selfish and uncivilized people!!! Arrrghhhhhhh!!!!


Anonymous said...

Chinon; just banyak bersabar ya! Aku baca pun panas gak its just dunia nih bulat. What goes around comes around; banyak2 berdoa kalau tak Allah balas kat dunia, kat akhirat nanti die kene ... sabar ya!!

iena amoi said...

Hi Kuman,

Time kasihlah cuba menyabo kan aku yer. Mmg aku tgh sabo lagi nih. Kalu ikut hati badan binasa org kata...(betol ker peribahasa tuh) uhuk. Tp kalu aku jumpa..maybe aku tak bunuh kot...aku tibai jer...ekekek

Btw, Kuman....ko letaklah nama ko kat OpenID tuh. Aku ingat sapelah yg bagi komen td. :D