Friday, January 9, 2009

Being No 1 Isn't Always the Best Thing

wow!! I think it has been ages since i've update anything in this humble blog of mine. Not that i think anyone would miss it. uhuhuhuhu. I was sick since august.....up to after aidilfitri, then was busy assisting a fren with an event..(well this one is a whole new story...uhuhuhu)

Now...lets start. I think almost everyone wants to be no 1 as no 1 is the best place ever. I myself for instance want to win the first place in anything that i do....i mean who doesn't? But...of all the no 1 place that i've got...the only no 1 place that would willingly let go is being no 1 in the family. Coz to me, being no 1 or easy to say the eldest....everything with me is always an experiment, like guinea pig. uuurrrghgghhh...i hate that. I also hate being blame for mistake that no 2,3 or 4 makes just becoz i'm no 1.......whats with that????? It is true what they say, being no 1 means you have to be though and ready for any challenges. Even my mom say i'm rough.....and don't behave like a girl/women should be. Well i was raised to be though and have to look upon my own what i am now is all becoz of that. But then, the no 1 position i hold cannot be handover and i'm stuck with it forever. it or not....i've hold that position for 28 years.....and am still trying to get used to it. :(

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