Friday, April 10, 2009

Am I just that unlucky?? hmmm

Yesterday, I went out with one of my gf. I wanted to find and buy one of those gladiator sandals. Yeap..I did find a few nice designs and choices...but each time.....they had no size. That really pissed me off. Why do they have to make the gladiator sandals in only medium sizes? Don't we with small feet love to have tjose too?? Ok..I do have kinda small size feet...I wear size 3 or 4 which are equal to size 35 or 36...and none of those sandals that I've found are made within that size range. Am I that unlucky?? I guess I have to order a custom made one...but that'll surely cost me quite a sum...doesn't it? hmmm...sigh


Alexandra said...

you call this unlucky ? i wear size 34 and i feel so frustrated that i can't find sandals for me and i need a pear for my high school prom uhh...

iena amoi said...

Hi there, yeah...I also wear that size...34...but there was never that I had to settle for size 35 or 36....and that sizes also was hard to find.

Hope u'll find ur hubby finally found the shoe my size. Luckily the stocks just arrived.

Happy hunting!!! And enjoy your prom. But it does kind of unfortunate to have such small feat isn't it?