Thursday, May 14, 2009

Mat Rempit - Misunderstood or Overated

Nowadays, everyday when we read the newspaper, there will always be a news on this Mat Rempit eperdemic (can I classify it as that?..hmmm). But I think they are misunderstood and most of the time overated.

In my days, (wow!! writing that made it seems like I'm so old) at least last 14 years ( has been so long)...this term Mat Rempit was never heard. All we called this motorist was "Budak Motor" hubby was one of them...and of course I'm one of those minah motor....wakakakaka. Those time, you can say that these Budak Motor are not so daring as they are now. Well they do race on the highway and at times in Jln TAR...but most of their cases are minor cases.

I think because of the overated and the wide coverage of the so called gang-bang activities...made all this hot blooded youngsters crave for more attention and they started to do even "langsi" things. But I think it is not fair to mock all the motorcyclist as mat rempit. Those who race illegally...maybe...yes...but I don't think they are all bad...even those who race illegally...maybe some....but i think only 30% of it. Last time, we race for fun....for excitement...I'm not sure about now...but I think the goal is about the same. And we also like to take long trips with our group and sometimes joined by other groups too. It is not like all the time we only think about racing and doing something rebellious. But, to label all the crimes done by any person who uses motorcycle as Mat not the right thing to do.

Snatch Thieves...MAT REMPIT!!!....Gang Banging...MAT REMPIT!! Have they ever thought that it is easier to snatch using a motorbike? And isn't it ever easier to run away after you beat someone up with a motorbike....easy to "cilok" your way around. So I don't think all this crimes are all done by Mat Rempit....a label given by the media to this so called outlaws. I mean, motorbike are the cheapest transport you can afford. If the snatch thieves can afford a car, why bother to snatch anyway. Am I right?

Let me share a story with you. One day, I was on my way back home from my office. This happened quit sometime ago. Unexpectedly, the route I took is in a massive jammed and I am stuck with no where to turn. As I sat in my car for almost an hour (stuck in that bloody hell jammed) car petrol....finally ran out..and the engine went dead. So....if before this I was only moving few cm each minute..I am now stuck there for good. Okay, my first instinct was to switch on my double signal...then to call my hubby. Manage to call him..and ask him to bring some petrol. Although, it will be a while until he gets here from Cheras. Then I went out of the this time..I am obstructing traffic on the fast lane. Well.....we know that Malaysians like to watch....and they did just that. They watch!! Can't they see damsel in distress here?? uuurrghhh.

Even a patrol car went by me and never stopped to help or at least ask what's wrong. They too, just watch. So after few minutes standing outside my car...few youngsters on motorbikes pass by.....suddenly one of them stopped just few feet from my car and while the rest followed, a guy (he seems young...student maybe...not sure) approached me.

Guy: miss....awak ok? (Miss, are you okay?)

Me: Kete saya enjin mati. Tapi saya dah call husband untuk datang. (My car engine stopped, I've called my husband to come.)

Guy: Perlu saya tolong? Saya tolong bawa kereta ke tepi. (Need my help? I'll help bring your car to the side).

Me: Thanks. Boleh jugak. Nanti kat sini sesak lagi. (Thanks. That will be great. This will only make the traffic worse)

Without hesitation, he called his frens who were starring at us to help. He ask one of his frens to put his motorbike in the middle of the road so that the trafiic won't move forward to make way for my car. After that, the rest of them push and maneuver my car to the road side. I can't thank them enough. So after they have successfully set my car on the road side (they even put out the triangle emergency thingy behind my car)...the guy approached me again.

Guy: Ok miss? Betul awak ok? Betul dah call husband? (Ok miss? Are sure you are ok? You've called your husband right?)

Me: Yup. Saya ok. Saya dah call husband saya. (Yup, I'm okay. I've called my husband)

Guy: Okay. Duduk dlm kereta. Jangan keluar. Kunci pintu sampai husband awak sampai. ok? (Okay, just sit in your car, lock it and don't come out until your husband comes)

Me: Okay, terima kasih banyak-banyak. (Okay, thank you very much)

Then they just went off. I didn't even get the chance to ask his name. Until now, I still wish I had asked.

So.....that's why I don't really agree with all this Mat Rempit eperdemic. I just think that it's just something small that made big by the authority and the media. Not all budak motor are mat rempit and not all mat rempit are criminals. Why don't they label the car drivers that race until the accident they were in killed others what happened last week. Why aren't they handling that for a change? Just because most of this mat rempit come from low income group and they can't afford a car, they are somewhat label as lower than others and even worst criminals. Everyday, stupid and reckless car drivers pissed me even more compared to those who ride bikes.


Nizam Abdul Rahim said...

..Ooohh..baik hati sungguh budak tu..!
tapi..mat rempit kite boleh kesan cara diaorang bawak motor..! bersopan atau sebaliknye..

iena amoi said...

ahahahah...maybe...tapi kadang2 yang bukan mat rempit pun....bila nak pelesit yang bawa kete gaklah. :P