Friday, November 30, 2007

Thank God, I Don't Work 9-5....yikes!!

Today..I skip my Yoga class and decided to check my emails instead coz I haven't really have the time to do so for the last few days. Then, I have made a date with my fren Carol to help her with her search to find the perfect wedding ring. So, I parked my car at Subang Parade and Carol picked me up. We had lunch and went for the search..unfortunately...the mission is still not accomplished. Later, we went to her house in Shah Alam as she needed help with her new wasn't working well...and that mission was also not accomplished. Sigh... cut to the chase...I did not realize it was already 6pm. OMG!!! Today is Friday!! The traffic jam is like HELL!! And...I was right!! Of course I'm right. Uwaaaaa!!! Carol sent me back to Subang Parade and I thought I could reach home in like...30 minutes..yeah right!! 30 minutes???!! It's more like 30 hours!!!! Damn!!!

To make it worse...before driving home...there was something bothering my mind...and I'm bit pissed. The traffic jam starts just before the turn to PLUS Subang toll...but I was patient. So I just queue and waited in line for my turn. But then came this ASSHOLE and suddenly wanted to cut queue..and I was already near the toll both...I am fifth in line. So this is my script to the ASSHOLE.. "Oi!! Han jing!!! Queue up lah....I've been queuing for half an hour..and you simply want to cut queue aaa??? Bloodyhell!! You think I'm a small girl...driving small car...I'm scared??!! Over my dead bodylah!! Han jing!!!" But of course he did not hear me. I did not give way....sorry lah brother...don't mess with me okay! I think to myself..if he did not give up and still want to cut queue...I'll give him a long honk and the sign...u know what signlah rite? Fortunately for him...he back off. So I won!! Yey!!!

Thank God...I don't have to go through this everyday..or every everybody else who have 9-5 jobs...if blood pressure will go up. However..since I do go out early nowadays...I still bump to few members of this clan. Here is my list of CRAZY STUPID ASSHOLE HAN JING on the road (not in any particular order).

  1. Drivers who drive slower than me on a fast lane on the highway (I drive 660 right...every car is faster than my car)
  2. Ones that drive big cars but never learn or know how to use signal (hello brother/sister!!! U buy your car so expensive..u think the signal lite is just another accessories huh?? stupid!! Use them lah!!)
  3. People who does signal...but immediately make a turn rite after they turn on the signal...(aiya...give it few secondlah..give other drivers to be aware firstlah...aiyoooooo)
  4. Motorcyclist...who are day dreaming and thought they are driving big expensive cars..riding their motorbike in the middle of the road at like 80km/ph (woi...ketepilah!!)
  5. Motorcyclist who swerve to the right and left....u think the road is a rally aah??
  6. Drivers who drive big cars...and suka himpit2 kete kecik....nih mmg kes bangang!! If u do not know how to maneuver big small ones lah!!
  7. This one is a classic.....drivers who loves their brakes soooooo much that they have to keep in touch with it without no reason (Suka2 jer brake!!..kalu sayang sgt brake tidolah!!) End up everyone behind have to be aware....and result?? Traffic jam. Damn!!
  8. Drivers who know that they are approaching the toll booth and did not get ready with the payment. Instead...they took their sweet find the money and the ticket only once they are at the toll booth (wei!! be ready lah wei...people are queueing here lah!! Not everyone has sooo much time like u lah)...and furthermore...some of them even take their sweet time to put back the money in their purse/wallet (the car is so big....put somewhere else firstlah....hish!!)
  9. Drivers who cut queue...DAMN U!! U should be crucified!!! SOOOOOOOO RUUUDEEEE!!!!!!
So..if anyone wants to add to the list...u are most welcome to. I might even add a few in the future but those are the ones I can think off now.


Abg Bani said...

the longest posting in your blog dear. congrats heh heh heh

han jing han jing di jalan raya mmg patut diajarin aja. jangan biarkan mereka bermaharajalela. jangan ingat kita ni kecik tak leh membalas dendam. aku paling hangin kalau org main cucuk cucuk kat belakang. aku punya treatment senang jer. main jer brek. tak lama lepas tu, kompom hang nampak keter yg cucuk cucuk kat belakang tu makin lama makin kecik hak hak hak.

iena amoi said...

ahahahaha...yes the longest indeed...eheheheheh

yeah...i do that too..tension jer kalu org main cucuk2 nih we hv another Crazy Idiot Asshole Han Jing on the road to add to the list...wakakakakaka

Kepeh Kepeh said...

kurang ajar org itu!! =P

Abg Bani said...

jadi, marilah kita sama sama mengajar orang itu dan orang orang yg sepertinya hak hak hak