Sunday, December 2, 2007

Please lah time don't embarassed yourself

It so happens that I have posted a long list in my last post click here if you haven't read it. So now..this entry will add another member to the list. Here goes the story...

Last Saturday, my hubby went to the gym (as usual, I was doing nothing...eheheh) and this happens on our way back home. I was driving and we stopped at a junction and we need to go to the right. So, I turn on my right signal and waited for the traffic on my right to clear. As the traffic was heavy and most of them were accelerating as the road was going up hill. Finally..the road is safe for me to make my turn and exit the junction and at the same time, I saw a motorcycle approaching..but coz the motorcyclist gave a signal to the left, I assume that he's goin to enter the left junction. Even my hubby asked my to go ahead. Then as I accelerate towards the middle of the road...the motorcycle kept on going I slowed down. Suddenly, the motorcyclist stopped right in front of our car...and the motorcyclist gave me an arrogant look on his face. So I stared back at him...and yet he is still giving me that look. I was starting to get pissed. Below was our arguments:

I open my car door

Me: Eh....signal is on lah

But I think...he thought I said I already gave the signal that I am goin to the right. At this point of time he is giving me that look.
(I always keep my hockey stick in my car...just to let u know)

Hubby: Awak.....reverse...reverse

Our car was in the middle of the road..and this guy is bugging both our skin. I reversed the car to a safer spot...and the motorcyclist parked next to our car. My hubby went out from the car...and very happy if he could give this guy a couple or two punch on his face.

Stupid motorcyclist: eh..ko tau bawa kete ke tak tau??!! Bak sini lesen!! Aku polis!!
Hubby: So..apahal?? Bang...tengoklah....signal ko tu on. Sape salah sekarang??

Then he saw his signal lite and smiled.

Stupid motorcyclist: ooo.....salah akulah yeh?? Minta maaf lah??
Hubby: aaa...lain kali signal tuh tutuplah kalu dah tak nak pakai.

As my hubby was entering the car...the stupid motorcyclist looked at with a smile and put up his saying sorry..but I just starred at him with a mad face.

So...lesson learn?? Pleaselah time don't embarrassed yourself. eeeeee...

Here is an additional member to the earlier list:

  1. Drivers who are unaware of their own actions
  2. Idiot who wants to exit on the left junction but drives at the furthest right lane...and suddenly swerve to take the exit ( readylah wei!!! plan ur journey for the benefit of others and yourself!!)
  3. Bus drivers who suka himpit2 other cars and suka2 go to right or left (stick to your lane...idiot!!)
  4. Pedestrian who take their time to cross the road (I really don't know what more to say about this people)
  5. People who wait for public transport at where ever they think is convenient for them although a bus stop is just 50 meters away from where they are waiting. Arrrghhh!!!!!
  6. Drivers who likes to tailgate (dush!! dush!! dush!!)...if you want to drive faster than the speed limit....please go to Sepang Circuit..TQ

So please...don't be in the list.


Kepeh Kepeh said...

emm..iena.., adakah ko sempat tanye nama mat motor itu?! keh keh keh.. =P

Abg Bani said...

aku rasa nama mat motor tu, si tompe a/k karunang

iena amoi said...

malas aku nak tanya nama dia...tak guna kawan ngan org bongek camtuh....eeeeee..bengang giler.

Abg Bani said...

kat nogori sembilan ada daerah nama bongek hak hak hak.

nadd said...

as for me.. cukup bengang utk kete yg stop di petak kuning. dia takleh jalan, nak blok org lain plak... stress

iena amoi said...

ahahahaha...yup kg bongek mmg kat nogori sembilan...dr situlah dtgnya inspirasi...uhuhuhu. Kat sana pon ade kg nama penajis...sian sape yg dok sana.

Kepeh Kepeh said...

tapi tempat aku ada nama pelik.."Kg Lapan Kotak".."Kg Lipan Kejor"..dan juga "Kg Danger" dan yg paling unik "Kg. Oh" juga disebut 'Oh kampungKU..' emm emm..dan tak lupe juga "Kg Cawat" =P
*ada banyak lagi nama kg yg pelik2 belum ku sebut..aaaahhhhh..