Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Blame It on PMS

Each time something goes wrong with any services provided to me...or any product that I bought...I always tend to call their customer service. As I used to be in customer service line is a very important aspect for me. Every time before I call, I always plan to scold them...but never manage to.

Last Sunday, I went to Alamanda to purchase a washing machine for my dearest mother. I chose Alamanda cause it has the best price deal and it was the closest mall to my mom's house. So, the story was.....they manage to sent the washing machine safely without harm but the thing is...they did not stamp the warranty card. Hell!! How are we supposed to send the warranty card if the dealer did not verify the purchase with their stamp???

So, I called Carrefour customer service. As usual, I plan to scold...uhuhuhu (how mean is that???). At first my tone was ok...but suddenly...when the guy ask me to go back to Alamanda to stamp the damn warranty card...I snapped. Of course I know that...but it wasn't my fault..I've paid RM30.00 for the transport charge..and now they want me to go back to Alamanda?? Who is gonna bare my cost of going back and forth???..IDIOT!!!(I never said this word out loud thou...just in this blog). So..there u go....I scold the guy....BLAME IT ON MY was my first day of my regular monthly visit. unlucky that guy was.

After that, I felt sorry for the guy....uhuhuhuh. But then...they should know better next time to do their job properly so that their customer doesn't have to bare the consequences.


Abg Bani said...

segalanya sudah selesai peace!

Diyanazman said...

garang giler akak kecik ni... ehehehehe

iena amoi said...

don't mess with me..or i'll mess u up...wakakakaka