Monday, November 12, 2007

Gurls Nite Out @ Planet Hollywood

First of all, before I write any further...I want to thank my beloved hubby for letting me went out and have fun with my girlfriends..muah muah! Love u cayang!!

It has been ages since I hang out with my gurl frens from my Uni..and there are so much to talk about. Since they are getting married this December...we have arranged a get together and party!! This might be the last time we'll ever do this...uhuk. The funny thing is..all of us were so anxious for that day and can't wait for it to finally come. We even shopped for new top, handbag and shoes...ahahahaha...typical huh?

The day starts by meeting at Ninie's house to get feels like we were getting ready for a prom. Then we went to Planet Hollywood for dinner...and there is where all the fun begins.

Dinner was great and the portion was huge. The three of us had to finish Carol's BBQ Beef Ribs as it was humangest. The best thing is none of us smoke or "drink"..accept for Carol (she is allowed to...ehehehe). We were surprised by our dearest fren Te' during the dinner....unfortunately she can't stay long as she just came back form the office. It was so sweet of her to come and say hello and shopped for a new top before that...akakakaka..just to meet us..ehehehe. Then another ex-mate, Justina came with her frens...yet..another surprise. It is always a happy moment when you get to meet your old frens again.

Then, it's dance floor time. I started to dance with Ninie first...then Carol joined in. We dance until our feet can't move anymore....ahahahahaha. And still we have the energy to have a last dance at Q-Bar, Westin Hotel. Then we called it a nite off.

Summary?? I had fun!! Fun!! Fun!! and sooooooo much fun!! We should have done this earlier...uhuhuhu. It is gonna be different after this. Carol is leaving for Bahrain soon...sob sob. I am gonna miss her....I'm gonna miss everyone!!

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Abg Bani said...

rasa mcm baca citer vic beckham la plak heh heh heh

iena_amoi said...

ehehehe...hampehlah bani :P

Witegoddess said...

Sob...sob...i'm gonna miss u too babe. Tell me, we are so gonna do it again rite?!!The daddies can tuck the kids to bed o_O...LOL!!

iena amoi said...

yeah...definately...we will have to do it from time to time...ehehehehe