Sunday, November 25, 2007

It's Not Easy

Remember my last entry "Change of Routine...." saying that I need to loose at least 2kg?? Well, to tell you the truth it is not an easy task. All my tulang-tulang also dah keras. It has been a long time since I really work out disciplinely. So as I said, I ran 20 minutes on a treadmill and did min 100 sits up per session and sometimes...when there are exciting dance aerobic class like MTV dance or Latin mix...I'll join in for an hour.

I've also tried something new. I tried pillates and yoga..the basic ones of course. For those who have never done it before..and only seen people doing it...might think it is easy. is not easy at all...not easy to control your breathing while doing something else at the same time. It is the best excercise for you to get a good body posture as well as to lembutkan all those tulang-tulang for a better flexibility and angelity. It will help you to release some of your joint pain. And it is a way to keep your tummy flat and healthy...that is what most women love...falt tummy...even guys dig it...ehehehehe.

So there you is not easy to be healthy these days. Especially with our busy schedules and for those who doesn't watch what you is even worse. So frens...lets live a better healthy life and eat a better meal.


Michael said...


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iena amoi said...

Hi Micheal,

Thanks for the tips.

Abg Bani said...

iena dear, i think u look fantabulous! cekeding sangat takdak isi pun tak best. ibarat ikan kembung kering ngan ikan kembung lagi ikan kembung segar.

unless your fali dear starts complaining, than u better do something. as long as he's happy with your appearance, u have nothing to worry gal (snap snap dan tetiba aku rasa mcm aku ni oprah la plak)eeee seramssss

Diyanazman said...

wahahahaha!!! mana boleh samakan kak iena dengan ikan kembung... muahahhahaha!!!

iena amoi said...

wakakakaka...ko sama kan aku ngan ikan kembung?? wakakakaka....mentang-mentang lah hang suka masak ikan...uhuhuhu
well....I decided not to loose any weight but just to tone my body...ehehehe.

Bani..thanks for the compliments...ehehehe..and fali dear does love me the way I am now...uhuhuh

Abg Bani said...

iena: ikan kembung
diyana: mmmmm ikan buntal hak hak hak