Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Wildan's Diary

Every weekday morning I will send my little precious to his nursery with heavy heart. I was lucky I found a good nursery for him. I was so afraid that I wouldn't. well, maybe I'll write about that in another entry.

Every morning, I will send him direct to his crib and put him down, play with him a bit and kiss him goodbye. Well, actually I kissed him plenty. LOL I think every mom can relate. And I will also chat with his babysitter for awhile. She's very friendly and has experience with children development. She suggested that I make a diary for Wildan to write down all his developments. She did that with all her 6 children until they were 6 years old and later show to them. Actually, I did plan to do that. I have lots of his pictures in my Blackberry. Most of his updates are in facebook. Am gonna take a fren's quote "FB Puaka". LOL.

So, from today...I think am gonna put his journey in this blog at least once a month. The same fren with the quote has an open letter she wrote to both of her son in her blog. To me it is a brilliant idea. I even cried to one. Maybe I will write one of those one day but I think I will cry more than I write. Ok, even now am tearing up. :(

Quick update. Yesterday Wildan's temp went up to 37.4C at 2am and I was so worried. He didn't want to swallow paracetamol I gave so I took wet towel and put on his head. By 4am his temperature was stable. I took emergency leave to monitor him. Alhamdulillah...he's stable through out the day. Mummy kancheong but Wildan seems to love all the attention. hmmm.....

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