Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pump, Pump, Pump ke Potong Rumput?

When I was committed to fully breastfeed, as a working mom, I know will have to pump at work. Giler tak pam? Mau meletop! :P And...of course to keep stock for Wildan to feed while he is at nursery.

Wildan is my first child, so I had no experience what so ever in this pumping thing. I heard of Medela and Avent brand. I bought my first pump when I was still pregnant. I went for Medela Harmony Manual Pump. Why? Because it was kind of within my budget RM199 and I thought it wouldn't be that difficult. Better than pumping using my hands directly to pump.

I begin pumping as early as 7 days after I give birth. hmmm...than I found out that, yeah...using a pump is good but manual pump can be tiring. I am surely not gonna use it at work. Then I'll be doing more pumping than my actual work. :p After discussing with my working mum friends, they advice me to buy electrical pump. And I did. I bought Medela Mini Electric. Why? Again, because it is within my budget. I got a pretty good package deal complete with ice pack, cooler bag and extra bottles.

Now, Wildan is already 4 months 2 weeks. I have been pumping for 3 months. Although Medela Mini Electric is good but it is a single pump makes quite a loud sound. I will go to my office surau to pump...2 to 3 times a day. But since it will take about 30-40 minutes to both side, 2 times is normally my number. One day, one of the clerk came in to pray and it was raining. I was sitting at my usual place to pump covered with my shawl. I was also chatting on my blackberry. When the girl came in..she said..."wah...hujan-hujan pon ada orang potong rumput yer?". I looked at her and said, "huh? potong rumput? mesin pam akak lah". She said.."Huh? ahahahah...yer ker?" Enough pump sounds like a lawn mower. :P

Actually, I have ordered Medela Freestyle. From what my friend told me, I can't wait to receive mine and start using it. It will surely safe a lot of time and I can do other things while pumping. And sure hope it doesn't sounds like a lawn mower. LOL One thing though...I will have to sacrifice 7 months of shopping to buy the pump. Anything for my cikenit bam bam. :D

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