Thursday, October 11, 2012


Everyday Today I am bored and lazy at work. Apahal entah?! I have lots of work to do but just don't feel like doing them. Maybe because I've been away from work for too long. 4 months, that's 1/3 of year I was on leave/MC during my maternity. So, coming back to work was not really something I look forward to.

I know, I'll go crazy if I just stay at home but I have my Wildan with me. And that is a full-time job. Unfortunately, I don't have that privilege. Not working is not an option and hub and me are just middle income earners. And with today's cost of living, one salary is not gonna cut it.

I guess that's life...:P

That's it for now. Am gonna update the blog again soon with maybe a fun story. My life is kind of dull. uhuhuhu...

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