Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Wildan's Diary : His First Flu

Last week was a tiring week. On Sunday, out of nowhere I got food poisoning. Vomiting and diarrhea were inevitable. I was weak and just pray I have the strength to breastfeed and Alhamdulillah...I did. Got MC for Monday but I still don't have the appetite to eat.

On Tuesday, Wildan's babysitter told me that his head was a little bit warmer than usual. We had experienced it last week and he did have a slight high temperature for awhile but then the doctor said he's ok. We didn't go to paeds but just went to a GP. That Tuesday nite, I started noticing that he is having mucus and I sucked it out to make him more comfortable sleeping and breastfeeding. I also put a wet towel to cool down his head. That seems to stop his flu as well. Maybe his head was warm, that's why he has the flu.

I send him to his nursery as usual on Wednesday and told his babysitter to call me if the same thing happen. At 11am I received a call from his nursery and I rushed back. This time, I brought him to see paeds. It seems that everything is okay with Wildan but he is just having flu but no fever. Both hubby and me has sinus, so the doctor said that Wildan may have that too but he is building is immune and antibody system. Baby will catch flu on and off just to strengthen its immune system. Fuh! That's glad to know.

We also took pneumococcal shot and oral rotavirus dose for Wildan because he is staying in nursery 5 days a week with 20 kids. Risk is not something I like. A big NO NO.

On the positive side, Wildan has finally roll over to his stomach that Wednesday morning!! I was so happy. Remember my last post when I said he is not even trying? It happened so fast and sudden that I didn't even catch it on video. Just a picture of him trying to roll over and finally did it. I am relieved to know that his development is where he is supposed to be. :)

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