Friday, March 23, 2012

Yeeehaaaa!! It's FRIDAY!!

Friday is always the best day of the week. For working class people of course. It means the weekend is finally here. I was on leave yesterday coz I have some things to settle with my mom...but today I have to go back to work :P

It was the slowest day of all! Like felt like it took an hour from 10.45am to 11.00am. Baby hasn't stopped moving since morning and I can't sit still adjusting to him. Even right now as am writing my entry it is moving.

Nothing much happened today but I have craving to eat beef steak so am going to uptown tonite with hubby. I sure ate a lot of meat during my pregnancy. I wanted to eat Las Vacas steak but it much more than uptown steak so occasionally is ok but almost every week...not ok. :P If you haven't been to Las Vacas or have never heard of it, I will tell all about it in my blog when I go there next time. Maybe mid of this month..we'll see. They have the best steak at the most affordable price ever (for a really good steak that is, good steak is never cheap ;))!!!!

I have no plans for the weekend so far since hubward will be working tomorrow. I guess am just gonna spend my time at home doing house chores. Normally I'll have my dance class and bicycle riding session but that will have to wait till August to be resumed. ;)

Until next time...CIAO!!

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