Saturday, March 24, 2012

Opening the Time Capsule

Few weeks back, a friend of mine tweeted saying she was cleaning her house and she found lots of old things and one of it was a gift or something from her ex. Since then, I've been meaning to open a box which I kept all my old stuff full of memories between me and hubward. In some movies...some friends like to bury these memories and dig it up again in 10-15 years time. They call it 'Time Capsule'. It can be either the worst kept secret or simple fun-filled memories.

For me the box or time capsule contains old letters hubward (my then boyfriend) sent me when I was in college pre-university back in 1998-1999. Yeah....14 years ago. I literally cried & laughed when I read all the letters. Cried because the letter was sweet and they bring back so much memories and laughed at all the jokes he made in the letter. He never failed to make me laugh even until now. I still remember, my room-mate that time would know I was on the phone with him because I laughed too much.

One of the letter he sent me. Yeah...that was drawn by him. <3

Recently, I was really really really really into a Malay drama on TV3 with title 'Vanila Coklat'. The story evolves around Zara & Amir who studied in the same college but hated each other and end up getting married due to their parents. Eventually, they fall in love with other. However, something happened and it was their dad's who pull them apart despite their love for each other. In one of the episode, Amir sent an email letter to Zara that reads..(Sorry to those who don't read Malay language)

"Sayang,I nak you bersabar dengan apa yang menimpa kita. Dugaan untuk kasih dan sayang kita. Sebab I tahu Tuhan bersama dengan orang yang sabar. Kalau nak cakap pasal rindu, hanya Dia yang tahu betapa I rindu segala-galanya tentang you. Senyum you, ketawa you,garang you,nakal you, kuat merajuk you, sikap you yang buat I membebel...Rindu gaduh dengan you,makan dengan you...Semua. I rindu tentang kita. I harap you pun rindu I...kalau tak,ha jaga you. I gigit pipi you. I miss you my burung kakak tua. Your Aamir Ashraf ".

I just love the short letter and think it is so sweet and it doesn't really happen in real life. But what do you know...found a similar paragraph in one of hubward's letter. Like seriously!! Similar but not the same and the situation was different because we rarely see each other since I was studying. Hubward wrote.....

"Awak..entahlah, sejak dua menjak ni kadang-kadang rindu sangat kat awak, kadang-kadang rindu kat celoteh awak, kadang-kadang rindu nak tengok awak merajuk, kadang-kadang rindu nak tgk muka awak masa awak tengah marah, kadang-kadang rindu tengok muka awak tengah geram, kadang-kadang rindu nak tengok awak ketawa, kadang-kadang rindu kat lagak manja awak, kadang-kadang rindu dengan cubitan awak, kadang-kadang rindu dengan lawak awak, kadang-kadang rindu dengan sakat awak dan tak tau lah berapa banyak lagi kadang-kadangnya. Yang saya tau sejak dua menjak ni saya rindu sangat kat awak terutama sikap awak yang suka mendengar awak tu......"

Almost the same, right? Not exactly the same..of course. Sometimes, it is just worth keeping precious memories to be relived to remind us that if now, things are not really was before and try to cherish that. Alhamdulillah...even after 14 years....things are bright for us and we have each other to rely on. :)

I LOVE YOU HUBWARD!! VERY MUCH!! TILL DEATH DO US PART!! ~ cewah...terjiwang plak. :P

Okay, I'll stop here. CIAO!

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