Friday, March 11, 2011

Multitasking: Good or Bad?

Since I took a new job last June, the task given to me was rather minimal. So I thought, okay...this is good. Something worth with my pay :P. Well, that quickly change in October 2010 when our business development executive resigned. She got a way better offer of course. 

During my interview, the interviewers did ask me whether I am up for any other project or responsibility given to me. Well, of course I do because it will help me to learn more things and break the routine. However, when I said that, I was thinking of a special project (short term). Since the girl resign, I have been doing all her task as business development executive. No doubt that is it exactly my background instead of the current procurement post I am holding but owning two jobs responsibilities is not easy. As time fly, I got busier and busier by the day. On the procurement side, I have tones of documents to check, verify and approve. On the business development side, I have lots of customers, RFQ and a whole lot of new things to handle. So much for low pressure and worthy pay. Ouh during that time, somehow even the store department came under me. huh? 

So, I know I am good at multitasking but I think there is always a line where too much multitasking is not good. You'll loose focus and can't finish things on dateline. Result? Not that good. In my company, everything is urgent. It has come to the extend where I brought 5-6 stacks of documents home to be checked, verified and signed. What am I doing during working hours? Mostly entertaining calls, reviewing orders and on and off call from my GM who is a person who likes discussion and meetings.

Now, it has been 4 months I've been juggling and I think (if anyone is reading this blog) you would notice that I haven't wrote in awhile. Not that I don't want to right. I just don't have time. Today, I steel time. Miss my blog :(. I am lucky that a fellow twihard is helping me updating the Twilighters Malaysia blog and I am very thankful to her. My partner is still MIA and not sure if she is ever coming back. For me, I have started Twilighters Malaysia as a fan base for Malaysian Twihards and I am sure as hell not going to abandon it. Not ever!!

Last week, I was called by my GM to his room after he had a meeting with our COO at our HQ. I thought he wants to go through a presentation slide I've made for a meeting due early this week. Well, actually that is one of the reason. The main reason was to tell me that the COO has agreed on a restructuring the company organization chart and that I'm being promoted next month. Well, I guess my multitasking is a good thing after all. :) It was bad for mental and physical, but good for the career.

Alhamdulillah, everything is getting better. I have more to share on my house hunting and baby project but I think I have wrote too much and will save it for my next entry. Until next time, when ever that is.....;)

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