Thursday, March 17, 2011

My First Mac & Cheese

Yesterday, I came back home late and yet not even half of my work are finished. As I was starving and my beloved hubward still wants to wait for me to come home and cook, I just prepared a super simple menu. Pratha and sardine for dinner.

Today, although I still have tonnes of work, I decided to go back early because I was too damn tired. I was thinking of cooking sambal ikan and vege soup but as I was on my way back, hubward called and said he doesn't want to eat rice tonite and only wants to eat quaker oat. hmmm....great! I can save time on cooking and do laundry. But then, what should I cook for myself? I'm seems that I'm always hungry. Damn it!! I need to loose weight!!

While thinking, I remembered from my bbm group chat yesterday evening of one of my chat buddies suggested macaroni and cheese and she even gave the recipe. The recipe is super simple. After making sure all ingredients are there (also stopped at Speedmart99 to buy milk and cheese), I'm determine to cook my first ever mac and cheese.

So, I made mine and left it on the stove to cool of while I clean up. After I'm ready, suddenly I heard hubward.

Hubward: Yang, how much did you cook?
Me: Not too much.
Hubward: It's delicious

Ouh, he tasted it while I was in the shower. So there goes his quaker oat dinner and I had to share my mac & cheese. Fortunately, there was enough for two. Thank God! I was hungry. LOL

To those who have never made one, here is the recipe. This recipe is courtesy of Ninie Harneza, my sweet dear friend. :)

1. Elbow Pasta / Macaroni (boiled)
2. Butter - 2 spoons
3. Wheat Flour - 2 spoons
4. Full Cream Milk - 2 cups
5. Cheddar Cheese - as you wish
6. Black Pepper
7. A pinch of salt

Heat your pot and then put in the butter and let is melt a bit then add the flour. Mix them well until yellowish colour. Later, add in the milk and add a bit of salt (to your taste). Then add the cheese and black pepper. Mixed them all until a bit creamy then add the boiled elbow pasta/macaroni.

I also added boiled potato (slice in small cube size) just because I love potatos! :)


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Lovely Mommy... said...

terliur sudah aku nih! kalau ader bahan dah lama aku buat!