Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Giant, Carefour or Tesco?

Remember on Sunday I mentioned I'm going to Giant to buy groceries with the RM290 coupon voucher me and hubward won at the bowling tournament? Yes, we did go and finish up the whole coupon vouchers. The whole RM290 of them!

This is the first time ever I shopped at Giant. I did shop at Carefour and Tesco before and between those two I prefer Tesco better. And if I have to include Giant into the equation, it will be my least choice.

First of all, to me Giant doesn't have that many varieties of things. I can't even find Febreeze refill! For God sake! When asked, the customer service said it is out of stock. hmm...how convenient. And somehow to the the aisle are confusing too :P (or maybe that is just me). And second of all, there are things that are expensive. Milo was price at RM17.59 and if you pay RM17.99 you get free 50g Instant Nescafe. Ok, this is what we consumer need to be aware of. Not all promo are good promo. If I buy Milo in Tesco or maybe Speedmart99 (I think most of you are familiar with this blooming supermarket) it cost me only RM14.99 and the nescafe around RM3.99. So where is the promotion? We didn't really save any.

When I was waiting for the cashier to tag everything, I told him that Giant is manipulating consumers and it is not as cheap as it say it is. My trolley is not even half full and I'm paying RM288.30 for everything.

I am very particular about price and the type who compare them and I think all consumers need to do the same. Don't simply trust all these so called promotion on price reductions. But then of course, you will also need to calculate you other cost that some of you might not see and add in into the equation which is your journey cost (e.g petrol, toll & parking etc) to the particular hypermarket of your choice.

So, be a smart consumer and know your rights! ;)

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