Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beginners Seasonal Luck. :)

Yesterday (Saturday), my company held a bowling tournament amongst its staff and family members. At first, I thought of not going but since it is fun and it involves family, I guess why not? Even though hubward and me sucks at bowling. The last time we ever played was like two years ago and most of the time, the bowling ball will go to the drain instead of dropping the pins. :P

We arrived a bit late as it was so hard to wake up hubward. Why is it men take women events less seriously but when it comes to their event, we have to get ready before they do? (but that is another whole story :P) I myself didn't anticipate much but hope to win. hey a girl can dream, rite? ahahahah....

Hubward was placed in a different group than mine and to my very surprise he did extremely well. When I say extremely well, I meant it. He scores 8 strikes out of ten throw which has never ever happened before. As for me, I did about average.

When the game is over, I was quite surprising to know that both of us had won. LOL. Hubward won the group and family single category and he had the second highest score and I won women single and masters category. Although the finale was a bit nerve-wrecking as the points between me and my opponent were slim. :P

Overall, lady luck was on our side and we had fun. Both of us won the trophy and mine is pretty big. It was handmade by the company staff and I did help too. eheheheh...not to mention Giant shopping vouchers with total worth of RM290! So today, we are going grocery shopping at giant. eheheheh....:D

Till my next entry....ciao!!


Mommy for Two said...

Wow...nice pin u have there...hehe.

Azlina Ilzdaf Cullen Pattinson said...

ahahaha...a big one. LOL