Monday, January 3, 2011

Cleaning Up Spider Webs with A New Year Resolution

Well, I think the spiders hovering around my blog are pissed at me for coming back to clean their webs. :P. I was so busy for the past months since it was end of year and there was like 3 audit session. My life is still the same and I do the same thing everyday. As usual, nothing much to update.

Well, last month on 23rd Dec 2010 was my 30th birthday. Yes, the big scary three zero. How do I get to that age so fast? Seriously! What have I achieved for the last 30 years of my life? Not much, but I did learn few things. Those which I should not repeat and those that need improvement. hmmmm.....

What did I do on my birthday? You want the truth? This is going to be lame. So, you should stop reading now!! This is a fair warning. I went to service my car, send my wedding ring for repair, went to see my gynea and had a late lunch with hubward. Yes, the lunch was the only highlight of the day. I guess after 29 birthdays, even I myself are out of ideas of how to celebrate and surprises don't seems that much exciting anymore. OMG! Is that the first sign of getting old? I am doomed!!

As I don't have any children yet and I myself is so manja with hubward and not to forget that I love cartoons, I sometimes forget that I am at that age. Sometimes, I just feel like I'm like 23-25 years old (yeah...keep on dreaming iena). :P. And to be caught up in the teenage Twilight world, it made me forget even more. ahahahahaha.....

So, today is already 3rd January 2011 and most people would put on a new year's resolution. Actually, I am not the type to put any resolution in my life. Maybe I am still finding the ultimate thing that I want in life. You know, to just put success as your life goal is too subjective. Isn't it? However, I am thankful for a few things.
  1. My hubward who has his flaws but always stuck by me! Hey, I'm not perfect either. ;)
  2. Finally I moved to a landed house. No it's not mine, but I am buying one this year. Ouh, maybe that should be my 2011 resolution. 
  3. I am healthy and my family is healthy.
  4. Twilighters Malaysia events in 2010 went well and our family grew bigger.

In 2011, although I don't have any resolutions (well, maybe just that buying a house one), I am looking forward to few things.
  1. The first ever Twilight Convention in Malaysia in June 2011
  2. Eclipse DVD release party ~ this one is to be confirmed
  3. MTV Awards (with Robsten wins Best Kiss again!!)
  4. Breaking Dawn Part 1
  5. Perhaps a child of my own 
Hmmm....what else do I want to write? Ouh yeah...last Sunday, I hang out with my bff Farah after God knows for how long we haven't done that. It was fun. She treated me to a nice lunch at Chilli's One Utama and a blouse from Zara. ahahahah....all that for forgetting to wish me a happy birthday. Which was nice. ;)

I am not sure when will I write again. I will try hard to at least write something everyday. Not that anyone cares, I think. LOL

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