Thursday, January 6, 2011

Two Days of Boredom And A Day of Twitter!!

It hasn't really stop raining since Monday. Well, I don't mean non-stop until today, but you know what I mean. If I am in Twilight fantasy Forks, Washington, I really won't mind because Edward will be there. LOL

That nite, I didn't feel so good. I can't stop sneezing and felt hot and cold at the same time. The next day (Tuesday), I drag myself to the office feeling 'blue' and my flu is getting worse. Not to mentioned, the air-cond at my office made me feel like I was in Eskimo. :P

By 10.00am, I just can't stand it anymore and decided to go to the clinic and what do you know, the doctor told me I had fever. hmmm....I only tot I had flu. She gave me MC for the day. Went back to office, pack my things and got home. I took the 5 types of medication given to me and then I was in stone-cold sleep. I was too tired that day, but managed to go out for dinner with mommy and my other bff Mar (yes! you are allowed to have more than one bff :P). Actually, she treated us to a nice dinner at Dome and the chicken soup really helps me. :) Thanks Mar!!

Went home, get cleaned up, ate my meds (again) and then of to sleep. Didn't even bother to open the laptop to check my facebook, twitter (sometimes I did open thru mobile) or what is happening in the world of twilight.

On Wednesday morning, I still don't feel so good, so I decide to just sleep it and took another day of MC. Wednesday was boring! No internet at home (hubward brought lappie to work) and there's nothing interesting in Astro either. sigh....what else? Sleep....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

The good thing is, today (Thursday) I am all good and even manage to get up fresh. I was afraid of going to work and see my table all pilled up with documents but somehow it was not that bad. My twitter account was busy today, or should I say Twilighters Malaysia twitter, since People's Choice Award was on and yet there is no delayed or live telecast here in Malaysia.

Being the core person for Twilighters Malaysia and The Twilight Saga is up for few nominations, it was my duty to keep updated with everything twilight. shhhh....easy to say, the first half day of my work was spend on twitter. :P

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