Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Anugerah Juara Lagu 25 (25th Song of the Year Award) and A Nice Weekend

I was really looking forward to the weekend as I was supposed to follow hubward to Fraser's Hill on Saturday. He is going to cycle up the hill and I'm going to drive the car up. ehehehe....did u guys think I was gonna cycle too? Well, I don't have a bicycle yet. :P

However, it turns out non of the guys brought their partner or wife and hubward thought it will a boring journey for me. hmm....ok. So, end up on Saturday, I was home alone with nothing much to do. Called up a few frens but they already had plans.I did some cleaning up and send the laundry to the laundry shop. Nahhh...I rarely wash clothes at home coz I don't have any washing machine. Hubward said he will only buy one once we have our own house. I only wash the delicates ones myself. uhuhuhu...Later I went to Bangsar, yes alone again. Supposed to meet my aunt for lunch at Curve but since she had a wedding and was running late, I decided to just go back home instead.

At home, I was replying tweets with my fren Suliana and she said she wanted to make curry noodles and suddenly I had the urge to do the same. It is hubward's favorite. It would be nice for him to enjoy his favorite dish once he reach home. I called my aunt and invited her to come over and since parking at Curve was FULLED, and she was hooked on the idea on my curry noodles, she arrived just as I was finished cooking. I love having people at home and cook for them. Maybe I got that from my mom.

Sunday was a bit better. Made breakfast for two and then, hubward and I went to Mid Valley Mall. Our agenda? Bumiputera Property Exhibition 2011. We are trying to find the right house to buy. It is harder than it seems. I was happy that I got to identify the house that I like at a reasonable price range. We are going to continue our hunt next weekend and view the show house. I really can't wait for that one. Having a house of my own, that just feels so good. :)

After that, we went to an event we are quite looking forward to for a few weeks now. Anugerah Juara Lagu ke-25 (25th Song of the Year Award). Actually, normally every year, we will only watch the show on TV but this year, hubward opened his mouth saying he wants to see it live. Well, both of us wants to know what actually goes on during commercial breaks and the finalist was quite awesome too. We went with my twi-sisters Sunie, Aini and Ayu. The tickets are courtesy of another twi-sister which name I won't mention here. ;). To that twi-sister, if you are reading this, THANK YOU!!!

When we reach there, the queue was not long but the time grew closer to the gate opening time, the crowd was wild as the gate opens, OMG!! all these poeple turns into monkeys. Yes!! Monkeys. Some with no tickets just jumped up the fence and ran inside. WTF? I was nearly crushed. Luckily hubward was there. My tw-sister, Ayu was crushed literally. Lucky non of us were injured. After that, we finally got to our seats. The seats we got was not bad, about 10th row from the stage but big size people in front of me blocked the view. Not to mentioned those who put up their camera to take pictures. sigh.....it's hard being small. :P

Overall, I enjoyed the show. The showmanship of each finalist was the bomb!! Their vocal was awesome! I won't know who to pick as winners if I was the jury. Maybe that's why they leave it to the professionals. LOL   Faizal Tahir, A.P.I, Hafiz, Hujan, Yuna and Meet Uncle Hussein feat Black was amongst my favorite. I didn't take many pictures. Aini and Ayu did take pictures with a few artist since we are seating just next to them. The only celebs pic I took was with Zain. He is cute! eheheheh.....

Zain and Me

Sunie, Zain and Me

Aini, Sunie, Me and Ayu in front of the stage 

Overall, it was a nice weekend for me. Can't wait for the next one. :)

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