Monday, December 29, 2014

Our Little Sunshine is Not So Little Anymore

Today, our little sunshine is 31 months old. He is not so little anymore but we still thinks he is. Now I understands why my mom wanted me to stay small when I was about Wildan's age. :) I can't believe he will be 3 years old in merely 5 months. uhuk..

I brought him to his regular paeds to take his last dose of Hep A vaccine and the paeds said he has positive growth. His height and weight is climbing up the chart. He is currently 13.5kg and about 90cm tall. Yeay!! Alhamdulillah...his health is also better. No more flu as of today and he sure is one active boy. I am happy to know that his growth is according to his growth chart (reference from babycentre LINK). He is still obsessed with his toy cars and now he is really into robots. He loves building robots and cars using his lego at home. He can also identifies few animals but sometimes he does get them mixed up..hahaha..and still pelat. His pelat is so cute!! He counts anyway he please. tee..two...teee....ahahahah...slowly...but insyaAllah...he is getting there.

One thing I myself is amazed by him is his level of obedience and willingness to help. He is very helpful and sometimes very independent. Now sometimes he wants to wash his own dishes and often he will clean up and put away his toys before he goes to bed. I think because we made it a routine so now he knows most of the time what he should do before going to sleep. Just last night he asked me to arrange his toy cars with him. He said "Ami...emah (kemas)"..(Mummy...clean up) while pointing at his cars on the carpet. Last two days we did out laundry at a DIY laundry shop and he was so eager to help. From putting in the clothes inside the washing machine, to inserting the coins then moving the clothes into a dryer and later to take them out. He even insisted to carry the laundry basket with his clothes on his own without help. Even when my hubby wanted to take it to put it in the car he want to do it himself. Other people at the laundry shop was looking and smiling at him. Mummy so proud of you Wildan. Hope you grow up a reliable, obedient and helpful boy as like you are now. :)

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