Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Wildan's First Trip to the Beach (Bagan Lalang)

It looks like my post is always overdue. It is harder for me to update since I will need to wait for Wildan to be asleep before in can sit in front of my laptop. Otherwise, he will be my little loyal assistance typing my entry....and then you guys won't have a clue what the story is..neither will I. haha...updating from my phone is uncomfortable. :P

So, we had been wanting to bring Wildan to the beach and play with sands. We live in the city..so beach is not really near. The one closest to us is in Bagan Lalang, Sepang and we went last two weeks, during CNY weekend break. It is about 1.5 hours drive. However, as we went during a long weekend, the traffic was kind of bad so it took us longer to reach there.

Wildan has always been a neat boy. He will come running to me if he gets something on his hands or feet asking me to clean it. That's why we want him to learn to get dirty a bit. hehe...and to us..beach is the safest way to get dirty. As predicted, Wildan was having a weird time at first..trying to adjust the feeling on walking on the sands bare feet. At first he didn't even want to take off his sandles. He kept asking me to clean the sands that gets into his sandles. In fact, he was the only one who went into the water with his sandles on. He didn't even want to play with the sands at the beach. Yeah...to that extend. So, hubby slowly brought him into the water and put sands on his hands and feet for him to get use to the feel of it. It took him awhile but finally he was enjoying playing in the sands and didn't even bother the sands got into his pants. LOL

We need to go again because we didn't get to eat seafood at the beach that day. We forgot to reserve a table and by the time we finish playing at the beach, the restaurants are full.

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