Sunday, June 24, 2012

29th May 2012...The Day

Wanted to update my blog for the hundredth times but never got to it. Either am not feeling like writing or I was too busy. Today, 24th June 2012 is supposed to be the day I give birth to my little precious Wildan Zaeem but I guess God had different plan. Instead he was born on 29th May 2012.

My last update was when I am 29 weeks long. Since then, I had to control my diet due to gestational diabetic which was not fun at all!! You are at the stage where you want to eat right about everything and yet, you can't!! uurghhhh Nothing much happened between week 29 to week 22 but come week 33 during my routine check up, I got to know that I have Placenta Preavia Type 3 where my placenta is at the low side and almost close my womb window. So, I was admitted to hospital for observation until I gave birth! (read..."yey!! I don't have to go to work until I give birth!!) I was scheduled for a c-sect on 12th June 2012.

Then, my life in the hospital gynea ward starts on 10th May 2012. Let me tell you, lots of things happen there. Nothing out of the ordinary though...but just I get to see the different experience of giving birth by the patients in the same ward as me. I am what they called "long stay patient" but the ward also have normal patients that are there just to give birth. So at night, I can hear babies crying and who knew there are many types of baby cry. I even thought that one of the baby cry cute. It almost sounds like a cat. hehehehehe

So, I was ok and enjoying my time being in bed most of the time (and not at work) with the doctors doing their rounds asking the same questions...."Are you okay?", "No bleeding?", "No contractions?". My answer to the questions is the same everyday.."Am ok doctor" until Saturday, 26th May when I told the doctor that I think I had a regular contractions between 2am till 5am, they quickly did a CTG (a process where they check for contractions using a machine). And yes, I did have contractions. Since then, I was under intensive observation and was moved to a different cubicle nearer to the nurse station in case a more rapid contractions occur. Regular contractions can cause for the placenta to bleed and jeopardize the baby. 

Contractions was on and off since that Saturday until I myself got confused whether it is a contraction or not. However, on Tuesday 29th May, the professors made their rounds to see the patients. One of them looked at my file and made a decision that I need to have c-sect that day. What?? Today? but hubby is not here yet!! I called hubby not knowing the time am going to go to the operating theater but the nurse has seemed to prepare me. Suddenly one of the nurse called my name and said I have to go now. What?? NOW??? But hubby is outside renewing his roadtax and insurance!! And I can't call him because he is on his bike. GOSH!! everything is going so fast. All I can do is bbm (blackberry messenger) hubby and tell him am going in. Then, I gave the phone to a friend (who coincidently also admitted in the same ward) and tell her to pick up the phone if hubby called. I was so nervous!!! I have never had any surgery in my life!! SERIOUSLY!!!

The last time I was in a hospital was in 1994 for high fever. Not to mention the operation theater was so cold!! I was half paralyzed for the c-sect and the meds they gave me blocked me from feeling any pain but I can feel the touch. So, I can feel the surgeon pushing my stomach around to push out the baby. Finally, I feel my stomach empty and then a cry of a baby. My first reaction? I cried...uhuk. 5 minutes later, the nurse brought my precious baby to my face and introduce him. :)

This is my little precious baby Wildan Zaeem

I didn't see him again until I was brought back to the ward about 45 minutes later. I will continue my post in my next one...which is more about breast feeding...

Until next time...ciao!


Diyana yang said...

Huhuuu... Sangat best entry ni!!! Which reminds me that i hve never written the birth story of miki...
Anyway... Bila abg faley sampai hospital and see wildan for the first time?? Tapi kalau dia ad kat situ pun bukannya boleh masuk op theater pun kn?

Puteri said...

thanks for sharing...I suka baca birth story. tak boring baca.

congrats ina! love the baby name btw.

can't wait for the next entry.

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Azlina Ilzdaf Cullen Pattinson said...

Thank you everyone. ingat xde org baca blog ni. uhuhu