Thursday, April 19, 2012

Pregnancy at 29 Weeks

Last two weeks (yes, this is a delayed post) on 6/4/2012 was my routine check up at the hospital for the pregnancy and was going to be 29 weeks that Sunday. This time around, I have to give blood to check my hemoglobin and glucose level. As both my parents have diabetic, I am at risk. But...the thing I hate the most is, I have to drink the awfully sweet glucose drink and I can't eat starting 10pm the night before until 2 hours after my drink the thick concentrated glucose. So, did the test and I just have to wait for them to call for the result.

I also have to scan to check my placenta placement as I have low placenta and this is risky as I might have to go for ceaserian labor as the placenta might close the window for baby to come out. The girl who the scan (not a doctor) told me that I am safe and that the placenta has gone up where it should be. I was happy to hear that and we also took the opportunity to double confirm the baby's gender. For the 3rd time, it's a BOY!! :)

So, we went home after the check up feeling happy that everything is ok. However, somehow I know my blood test will show a not so good result. And I thought right. A nurse called my later that afternoon informing me that my blood glucose level is 8.4 (normal is maximum 6.4), so I have to go again on 18/4/2012 to meet with a nutritionist. That doesn't really stop there. The next day (Saturday), hubward & I went to a private medical centre to do a 4D scan just to see how our baby might look like. To our surprise, the gynea told us that my placenta is still low at stage 2. I was shocked and hubward was upset as he thought I was out of risk. Baby was okay though. He is perfect! :) Alhamdulillah.....

Can you see his face? He is on the left and he is looking to the right (half face) peacefully sleeping.

On Monday, I called the ultrasound department to inform of my discovery and the nurse who answered the phone told me to wait for my next appointment and tell the doctor. The doctor will do the ultrasound him/herself. How can the girl made that mistake? It may seems small mistake, but I was at risk. Imagine if I was not careful...I have the risk of bleeding.

On 18/4/2012, I went to the hospital as scheduled. My conclusion, diabetic sucks. :P I think this was triggered by my cravings for Krisantimun Tea. Almost everyday I will drink it and it is sweet. I am not a sweet tooth kind of person, but since I reach 4.5 months....I just love sweet things especially drinks. has to be COLD!! So, got my diet and I also have to but the blood glucose reader machine to monitor my glucose level. This is to ensure that my glucose level is at safe level. If not, I might have to take insulin which I pray I won't to reach to that extend.

The glucose reader....

The needle...small yet powerful :P

Am starting my first monitoring tomorrow. Hope am able to control my diet which is so darn hard to do!!! Wish me all the best!!

Until next time..CIAO!!

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