Saturday, May 21, 2011

Cleaning Spider Web. Again!

Am not sure why I haven't blog for so long. Maybe there's nothing much going on in my life to be exciting enough to be shared.

At this moment, am busy at work. A lot of paperwork that I haven't done yet. Although, the company just got a new executive to assist me. Hubward and I are still trying to find the perfect house for us. It is so damn hard to find a house that suits you best that you know worth spending for. And since our budget isn't that high, that makes it even more difficult. :(

Property price nowadays is literally gonna kill you. Last few weeks, we went to a property expo and guess what's the cheapest house available? RM680,000!!!! WTF? Who the hell is gonna afford that? And yet, our government is only helping us with 'First House Scheme' for a house valued at RM220,000. Maybe in rural area yes, you'll be able to find one but here in Klang Valley? I doubt it.

I think it would be good if they put is as loan amount per person instead of house value. If a husband and wife can combine income and afford to buy a RM400K house, with the scheme eligibility of loan amount RM220K per person, that could help with the 10% down payment. So, the conclusion is, we are still trying to find a house. :(

Besides that, as you all know, we are also trying to conceive. It has been quite a journey for us. Well, for me at least. Early this month, I went through Hysterosalpingography (HSG) procedure to check if there is any blockage in my uterus or Fallopian tube. The radiologist injected a dye inside my uterus to see the liquid flow. It was a short yet painful thing I had to go through but I want to know my actual condition. To my relief there was no blockage. The reproductive specialist even said, 'beautiful pattern'.

So, there's nothing wrong with me. Am fertile and my uterus and tubes are good. Hubward's sperms are also good and the count is high. hmmm...where did we do wrong. I think it's all about the timing. Maybe we need to have sex during the day. hahahaha....but that only leaves us with the weekend and it has to be during the ovulation. Otherwise, it will not work either. Who knew, getting pregnant could be so tricky? LOL

As of today, perfect house hasn't been found and no baby. Not giving up yet because there will always be a way. We have decide to try Intrauterine insemination (IUI) to get pregnant but since a cost is a bit high, am trying to decide the best time. Coz I might have to go through the procedure a few times/cycles.

I think I've written quite a lot. So am gonna stop here. :)

Until next time! Ciao!

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