Saturday, February 7, 2015

Just When My Hectic Week About to Start, Wildan Seems to be Under the Weather is 4.18am. Am writing this post as I can't sleep after nursing for Wildan who is restless due to bad cough. So, I tot I might just write this down.

Last week I saw a few kids with flu and some coughed at his day care. Even though Wildan seems okay but I was uneasy knowing his history. Sometimes I am disappointed with parents who kind of being ignorant about how their children's health can affect others.

As predicted, on Thursday...he was down with flu and by the next day bad cough. Wildan's flu usually doesn't goes down to the front first...but the mucus will go down through the back and straight to his he would appeared to be okay when he is actually not...and we can only realize it when he is at this stage. Sigh...however, it has never gone to the stage where he needs to be hospitalized like in 2013. Am praying it won't. Poor baby.

Next week will be my hectic week up until the day before CNY 4 days weekend break. Starts with Internal Quality Audit next Monday...the 5S filing activity the next day. Later on Wednesday there in a meeting with one of our customer which will at least take half a day. On is hell. A whole day of Management Review Meeting and I haven't even prepared anything for a 10-15 minutes presentation requested by my GM. Friday...there is a budget meeting. At this point...I may have vomit blood. Come the next Monday...there will be an ISO Audit. (Crying out blood). But  at least after that I get to have the weekend break in peace...I hope.

I really hope Wildan's condition will not worsen. One thing because I don’t want him to go through that phase again...and the other is I can't concentrate on work if he does. :(


Drama Queen said...

Get well soon Wildan!

Azlina Ilzdaf said...

Tq dear. He didn't get worst alhamdulillah. :)